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Major tasks for innovation

8대 혁신추진과제, 혁신 실행과제
16 strategic tasks 31 practical tasks
① Reinforcement of public service ethics of public institutions 1. Reinforcement of punishment against persons who have commit misconduct
2. Preparation of transparent system for ethical management by establishing Research Ethics Violation Report Center
3. Monitoring ethical management system
4. Local distribution of ethical culture
② Sustainable job creation of NIE 5. Sustainable provision of quality jobs in the public sector amidst the pandemic
6. Completion of transition of non-regular workers into regular workers
7. Creation of jobs exclusively for people with disabilities (insect sorter) for public institutions
8. Operation of public monitoring group for fair employment
③ Reinforcement of public and ecological safety systems 9. Establishment of safe visiting and working environment
10. Prevention of spread of ASF by building the public safety system
11. Establishment of the public-private cooperative system for responding to roadkill
12. Construction of ecological safety net for controlling alien organisms for public safety
④ Operation of social balanced employment 13. Establishment of the system for the appointment of executives for gender equality and continuous efforts for attaining the goal
14. Observation of obligatory employment rate of people with disabilities by implementing active employment for social equality
⑤ Cooperation and win-win partnership with local communities 15. Expansion of channels for vitalizing local economy
16. Foundation of a social co-operative with improved supports
⑥ Pioneering the Korean New Deal and carbon neutrality 17. Pioneering in the Data New Deal through diversification of ecological information service
18. Control of GHG emissions and expansion of carbon sinks for carbon neutrality
⑦ Reinforced role in priming economic revitalization 19. Acceleration of investments and purchases
⑧ Improvement of regulations for SMEs and enhancement of business dynamism 20. Expansion of the operation of Corporate Growth Response Center
⑨ Expansion of innovation-oriented nationwide service and public contribution 21. Expansion of public procurement of innovative products
⑩ Establishment and operation of on-spot demonstrative K-testbed for new technology 22. Construction of testbeds in the public sector for net-zero
⑪ Introduction of job-focused reward system 23. Introduction of job-focused reward system
⑫ Efficient use of manpower under the salary peak system 24. Advancement of institution including expansion of the utilization of manpower under the salary peak system and support for their reemployment
⑬ Control of financial solvency of public institutions 25. Actualization of stable financial management and operation through active response to changes in financial environment
⑭ Pursuit of active administration and abolition of passive administration 26. Pursuit of active administration and abolition of passive administration
27. Operation of an exemption system for active administration including preliminary consulting
⑮ Monitoring and improving operational conditions of public institutions 28. Public notice on welfare and quarterly monitoring
29. Reinforcement of reporting moral laxity of public institutions
⑯ Reinforcement of range and convenience of public information disclosure 30. Activation of ALIOPLUS
31. Public disclosure of NIE’s public data (i.e. publications)