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Service Charter for Protection of Corporate Appeals

Service Charter for Protection of Corporate Appeals

All executives and employees of the National Institute of Ecology (NIE) pledges the provision of high-quality administrative services to business clients and the actualization of reliable handling of their civil appeals.

  • 1,

    We will make the best effort to actualize a good environment for companies to run business by frequently improving and reforming irrational conventions, schemes or regulations that may cause their disadvantages.

  • 2,

    We will not treat our business clients with any disadvantage or discrimination when they submit an opinion on regulation improvement or bottleneck.

  • 3,

    If our business client has been treated with any disadvantage or discrimination, we will examine the case for amelioration and prevent recurrence of similar cases.

  • 4,

    We will have our business clients evaluation their satisfaction about our services to improve imperfections.

  • 5,

    We will provide an optimal administrative service for business clients by actively reflecting their opinions in the entire process of establishing and executing regulations, schemes and policies.