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Human Rights Management

Commitment to practicing integrity

The National Institute of Ecology (NIE) contributes to the actualization of sustainable future by distributing researches and conservation of natural environment and the ecological culture.
It strives for human rights management to realize social values in all management activities.
Its human-rights-related principles and policies involve all stakeholders on which NIE has influence, including executives, employees, partners, clients, local community, and more.
NIE defines the responsibility of respecting human rights and makes commitments to the execution of human rights management as follows:

  • 1,

    We support and observe international standards and regulations related to human rights, including the UN UDHR.

  • 2,

    We act preemptively to prevent human rights violations and strives for active relief.

  • 3,

    We prohibits any discrimination in employment regarding sex, age, disability, religion, political inclination and region of origin and respect diversity.

  • 4,

    We guarantee the freedom of association and collective bargaining.

  • 5,

    We prohibit child and forced labor and observe all principles of labor endorsed by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and ratified by the Republic of Korea related to hygiene, safety, work hours and more.

  • 6,

    We treat fairly with partners and support them with human rights management in order for a responsible supply chain management.

  • 7,

    We take care not to violate human rights of local residents in the local community.

  • 8,

    We observe domestic and international environment-related laws and make efforts to protect the environment and prevent pollution.

  • 9,

    We endeavor to satisfy our clients and protect their private information.

Human Rights Management Guideline (PDF) Download