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Symbolic Sculpture

Symbolic Sculpture CI Ecological friends

NIE's Landmark Landmark

The essence of life

It is the source of life and the core of vitality.
Using the lungs and heart as a motif, Represent the plants (buds, branches) that are producers.

Animals that are consumer of ecosystem under the sculpture And the producers that make up the ecosystem.
The importance of interrelationships between consumers and ecosystem Express harmony


  • 01.

    Stainless, 8m in height, 6.7m in width, heart (life and love) and sprout (hope) on the front and lung (breath) and branch on the side

  • 02.

    LED lights that flicker on a certain interval were installed on the surface of the sculpture as if an organism is breathing at night.

  • 03.

    Endangered species designated by the Ministry of Environment such as spoonbill, otter, etc. are engraved on a granite flagstone atthe bottom ofthe sculpture.

  • 04.

    The visitors to the NIE can sit down and relax themselves on a two-level granite pedestal and float stones in the lower part and around the sculpture