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The future of wetlands, benefiting everyone

NIE Wetland Center supports systematic policies for wetland conservation and management by conducting various surveys and researches, including basic and close examinations for efficient conservation and management of inland wetlands throughout the nation as well as develops and distributes programs in which diverse stakeholders related to wetland can participate with renewed recognition of the values of wetland.


Contributing to harmonious coexistence between humans and wetlands
for wise culture of wetland use based on surveys and research on wetlands


leading research and raising awareness An institution specializing in wetlands

  • Goals

    • 1. Establish status as an institution specializing in wetland conservation
    • 2. Re-creation of values of wetlands through advancement of wetland survey and research
    • 3. Establish wise culture of wetland use
  • Tasks

      • Securing organizational lifespan for better expertise
      • Serving as the hub of domestic wetland-related institutions
      • Reinforcement of global cooperation for wetland conservation
      • Devising policies and supporting wetland conservation and management
      • Establishment of a wetland survey system targeting the general public
      • Introduction and use of the latest wetland survey methods
      • Reinforcement of research on wetland functions and ecosystem services
      • Establishment of evaluation system introducing wetland credits
      • Settlement of voluntary wetland conservation and control system
      • Expanding education for manpower in charge of wetland conservation
      • Pursuit of raising awareness about the values of wetlands
      • Pursuit of local win-win partnership projects

Major functions

  • Wetland Conservation &
    Maintaining Biological Diversity
    • Survey and research for efficient management of ecological resources
    • Taking inventory, building and providing database on domestic wetland information, including survey data
    • Supporting policies, such as in designation of wetland protection area and settlement of management plan
  • Wise Use of
    • Building networks among institutions, organizations and citizens related to wetlands and supporting policies
    • Establishing and authorizing guidelines for the wise use of wetlands
    • Empowering stakeholders
    • Supporting the Wetland City Accreditation of the Ramsar Convention