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Conservation of Species

Conservation of endangered species

Countless organisms are disappearing from Earth right at this moment.
Only our efforts and interest can keep endangered species from vanishing.

  • Research on endangered species Biological/ecological research
  • Threatening factor control Decrease of major threatening factors
  • Recovery and proliferation
  • Population control Conservation and recovery outside habitats
    Conservation and control inside habitats
  • Habitat control Habitat protection
    Habitat conservation and recovery
  • Research on endangered species

    Biological/ecological research

      • Distribution - Understanding distribution of the past and present
      • Population size - Information of population size in the conservation target area
      • Population change - Monitoring and prediction of population increase and decrease
      • Threatening factors - Understanding direct/indirect threatening factors
      • Ecology - Requirements of the habitat, feed resource, competitive/symbiotic relationship, etc.
      • Extinction risks - Analysis of survival capacity of population
      • Conservation efficacy - Effect of conservation efforts and research on change of theory
  • Threatening factor control

    Decreasing major threatening factors

      • Deriving and decreasing direct threatening factors

        - Prevention of poaching, removing pollutants, prevention of human approach, etc.

  • Population control

    • Conservation and recovery outside habitats

        • Artificial proliferation and breeding control - Introduction of target species and artificial proliferation
        • Securing genetic resource - Securing biopsy specimen and genetic resources
        • Conservation translocation

          - Recovery projects including reintroduction and reinforcement

    • Conservation and control inside habitats

        • Fertility rate control - Installing artificial nests, protecting breeding grounds, etc.
        • Survival rate control - Disease and parasite control, feeding, etc.
  • Habitat control

    • Habitat protection

        • Designation of protection areas - Designation of national park, provincial park, wildlife sanctuary, etc.
        • Designation of key habitats and resources

          - Designation and prohibiting use of breeding place, water system and feed resource

    • Habitat conservation and recovery

        • Habitat control - Control and management of habitats and securing management manpower
        • Recovery of major habitats and resources - Fostering alternative habitats, cultivating forests, building sanctuaries, etc.